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Poor countries may need two currencies to survive Brexit shocks – EXPERT AVAILABLE

Written by Phyllis Papadavid

Press Release

A leading expert on global markets says some developing countries will need to introduce dual currency systems – because of the global aftershocks caused by Britain’s decision to quit the European Union.

Phyllis Papadavid is the team leader for international macroeconomics at the Overseas Development Institute, a think tank in the UK.

She has previously worked for BNP Paribas and Societe Generale.

Phyllis Papadavid said : 'Dual currency systems are favourable as the developing country can chose the best one to facilitate capital goods imports - leading to higher productivity, and another rate can foster exports. Without them there is a danger currency fluctuation will hit growth.'

Some countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America could consider adopting dual currencies.


To interview Phyllis or for more information contact James Rush at [email protected] or 07808 791265