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MEDIA NOTE: G20 fail to set deadline for fossil fuel subsidies phase-out – ODI statement and expert available

Written by Shelagh Whitley

Press Release

The G20 Leaders’ Communique published today does not include a specific date for the phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies.

Shelagh Whitley, research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute who writes an annual report on fossil fuel subsidies, said: ‘Excuses are running out, once again the G20 makes a commitment without setting any deadline.

‘Next year’s summit in Germany will be the last chance to agree to end such subsidies by 2020 and avoid locking in future generations into a lifetime of dependency on centuries old energy systems.

'Our research shows G20 countries are continuing to fund fossil fuel production by $444bn. Failure to end of this support will put a break on the transition to clean energy and pass the bill – and the climate fallout – onto far more vulnerable groups and countries.’


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