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Media advisory: Yemen expert available for interview

Written by Steven A Zyck

Press Release

Yemen expert available for interview – Steven A Zyck – Research Fellow from the humanitarian programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) (the UK’s largest development aid think tank). Steve is based in London.

Steven A Zyck has spent a considerable amount of time in Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries and is the author of Mediating transition in Yemen: achievements and lessons. Steve is an expert on the conflict dynamics in Yemen.

Steven A Zyck can talk to:

·  If the country is heading towards a civil war. To what extent is this sectarian in nature?
·  IS presence in Yemen. What this means for the country and what IS’s interests are.
·  Root causes of current tensions between the Houthis, current president Hadi, Al Qaeda in the Arab Pennisula and other warring parties. Whether it is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
·  The humanitarian consequences of the conflict. 16 million people were in need of aid before the latest surge in fighting, what does the latest in fighting mean for people on the ground?
·  The implications of the Houthi takeover of Taiz and advances towards Aden. What are the prospects for peace?