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MEDIA ADVISORY: China explosion is economic disaster – QUOTE and EXPERT available

Written by Judith Tyson

Judith Tyson, an economist and expert on global economic development who works for the UK think tank the Overseas Development Institute, said: “Tianjin is a crucial part of the export infrastructure that supports production in China. It is critical for Chinas electronic, machinery and iron exports.

“It has a central role in the current economic plan to expand and diversify the northern Chinese industrial areas with it being part of a new free trade zone launched only in April 2015.

“This explosion – on the back of stock market and housing market crashes, and currency devaluations - is both a humanitarian and economic crisis.”


Judith Tyson is available for interview. Here is her biography http://www.odi.org/experts/1320-judith-tyson

Contact Miles Barter, Overseas Development Institute acting media officer on 07808 791265 to arrange an interview with Judith.