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Lord Richard Holme, former member of ODI Council, dies

Lord Richard Holme, a member of the ODI Council from 1998 to 2007, and a good friend to the Institute, has died. Simon Maxwell, ODI Director, said:

Richard joined the Council shortly after I became Director, and was amazingly supportive, on the overall mission of the Institute, on our political relationships, and on our business links. He had been President of the Liberal Democrat party, but was also a successful businessman, a Director of RTZ, Chair of the Royal Africa Society and a prime mover of bodies concerned with business involvement in sustainable development. He helped us open new conversations with business, offering advice that continues to be invaluable to this day. Our participation in the Business Call to Action event in London just yesterday, for example, owes much to Richard’s wise counsel. Richard was generous with his time and unfailingly courteous: a charming man and a good friend.