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Growth and Equity Programme seeks contractor for labour markets work

Press Release

ODI’s Growth and Equity Programme is seeking a junior consultant to support/assist new work on labour markets, growth and poverty reduction. The junior consultant must have knowledge and expertise in labour markets, and an understanding of both economic and non-economic approaches and issues. Ideally, they will have a grasp of policy debates and processes.  The junior consultant will help the Growth and Equity Programme marshal the literature and evidence on how changes to rates and patterns of growth affect labour markets, both in rural and urban settings, and how policy influences those changes. Out of that evidence, we hope to shed light on what a policy agenda around labour markets might look like, and areas for further research.

The junior consultant will be employed for approximately 10 days in January and February 2011. We hope the work can start early January.

At a minimum, candidates must have or currently be studying for a masters degree. 

Interested candidates should send a one-page cover letter and a short CV to Ursula Grant ([email protected]) and Tari Masamvu ([email protected]) by Friday 10th December 2010.

A competitive junior consultant rate will be negotiated.