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G7 to end fossil fuel subsidies - expert quote and interviewee available

Written by Shelagh Whitley

Shelagh Whitley, a research fellow at UK think tank the Overseas Development Institute who writes an annual report on fossil fuel subsidies, said:

'It is a historic day because for the first time a target year has been set to end fossil fuel subsidies.

'But these G7 governments must act even quicker if they are to meet the climate commitments they signed up to in Paris. Otherwise they, and other countries following their lead, will continue to pour billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money into the dirty and doomed fossil fuel industry between now and the target date.'


For further information or to interview Shelagh Whitley please ring Miles Barter on 07808 791265.

Visit Shelagh’s profile on our website.

Read Shelagh’s latest fossil fuels report.