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G20 fossil fuel subsidies will undermine the Paris climate agreement

Written by Shelagh Whitley

Press Release

A global environment expert says G20 energy ministers, meeting in China, have put in jeopardy the UN climate agreement drawn up in Paris last year by refusing to set a date for ending fossil fuel subsidies.

Shelagh Whitley produces an annual report on fossil fuel subsidies for the UK-based Overseas Development Institute think tank.

Shelagh Whitley said: 'By refusing to commit to a date for ending fossil fuel subsidies G20 energy ministers are giving up on any pretence of sticking to the Paris climate agreement.

'Dangerous climate change can only be avoided if the vast majority of fossil fuels stocks are left in the ground.

'Leading nations in the fight for a green economy – like the USA and China – must take a stand and refuse to sign on to any G20 statements that don’t include a date for ending fossil fuels subsidies.'

The G7 group of the world’s biggest economies have already agreed that these subsidies should be phased out by 2025.

Many experts – including Shelagh Whitley – think that will be too late.


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Read Shelagh’s statement criticising the G7 2025 agreement.

NOTE TO EDITOR: The official communique from this week’s Beijing summit of energy ministers has not been published yet, but the outcome has been reported in the Washington Post.