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Cyril Ramaphosa set to become South Africa president – ODI expert available

Written by Stephen Gelb

Press Release

Cyril Ramaphosa is set to become president of South Africa today following the resignation of Jacob Zuma.

Economist Stephen Gelb, Principal Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute, is available for interview and to comment on the appointment.

Mr Gelb advised trade unions in South Africa during the 1980s, including the NUM mineworkers’ unions led by Mr Ramaphosa, and continued to have contact with him during the next two decades as he advised the Mandela and Mbeki administrations at a senior level.

Mr Gelb will be able to talk about the big political and economic questions facing the new president:

  • How will the new administration address public sector corruption which has spread throughout the state, including provincial governments and key public institutions
  • How will the new president balance the need to maintain unity within the ANC with the need to install a new cabinet which can instil confidence amongst both the South African population, and local and foreign investors?
  • There will be a honeymoon period where public and investors are optimistic - can the new president both keep the momentum going until national elections in April 2019 but also lay the groundwork in policy terms for a new economic trajectory which seriously addresses both growth and inequality?

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact James Rush on +44 (0)7808 791265