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Think Change episode 9: is crypto the key to global financial inclusion?

Written by Sara Pantuliano, Cathal Long, Sheila Warren, Mercina Tillemann Perez


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Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrency (or crypto) has had a significant impact on the way we think about money and financial services. It has even prompted discussion of a ‘new dawn’ in global financial inclusion.

Many argue that cryptocurrencies – as well as the blockchain technology that forms the basis of this digital money – can help create more open and democratic financial systems in parts of the world that have historically lacked these privileges.

But some have cast doubt on the idea that crypto represents a more cost-effective alternative to traditional financial transactions, while the price volatility of the likes of Bitcoin has been well documented. Environmental and regulatory concerns are also often cited.

In this episode, experts weigh up these arguments and assess the potential of crypto to create more inclusive, democratic financial systems.