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People, Spaces, Deliberation

"People, Spaces, Deliberation" was launched in 2008 by the Communication for Governance and Accountability Program (CommGAP), a 5-year DFID-funded program housed in the External Affairs Vice Presidency of the World Bank. With the conclusion of CommGAP in October 2011, the blog is now under the sponsorship of the World Bank's External Affairs Operational Communication (EXTOC) Department. This blog is based on two core premises: that a democratic public sphere is essential to securing and sustaining good governance and accountability, and that communication approaches and techniques are fundamental to the effectiveness of efforts to improve governance and direct accountability. We want to support the development of a global community of practice with observations and analysis regarding the role of communication for development, and the role of communication for improving governance and accountability in developing countries. The hope is that this platform will be a useful tool for all of us to share ideas, debate, advocate, and build relationships that will contribute to more effective development policy and practice.