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January Podcast: Growing global waistlines, South Sudan and Helen Clark

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​In January’s podcast experts discuss the rise in obesity in the developing world, explain what’s going on in South Sudan and the UN’s Helen Clark gives us the latest on the post 2015 agenda.

Story 1: Tim Lang and Sharada Keats discuss overweight and obesity rates with Tim Lang arguing that developing countries simply must avoid making the same mistakes as richer developed countries when it comes to their diets.

Story 2: James Copnall and Rosalind Marsden discuss the latest goings on in South Sudan, explaining how the violence begun, how a recent ceasefire was agreed and what must happen next for a latest peace.

Story 3: The Millennium Development Goals are being rewritten. Helen Clark, the woman in charge of the United Nations Development Programme gives an update on what to expect. Helen Dennis of the Beyond 2015 UK campaign group reveals whether civil society makes much of the discussions so far.

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