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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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  1. What next for development effectiveness in a post-aid world?

  2. China and global development: 12 things to read and listen to in December 2022

  3. Making the best use of MDBs’ $2 trillion in callable capital

  4. COP27: adapting to a new climate reality

  5. Operationalising the new ‘Loss and Damage’ fund: six questions

  6. Fixing the education financing trap: persuasions, promises and prospects beyond the UN Transforming Education Summit

  7. Common symptoms, related cures: after climate summit, governments convene on biodiversity

  8. How the war in Ukraine is impacting Africa-Europe relations and the migration dialogue

  9. AfDB’s new Room2Run highlights opportunities and questions about MDB risk transfer

  10. Think Change episode 15: the climate and conflict double challenge – has COP27 delivered?

  11. Old wine in new bottles? China, the G7 and the new infrastructure geopolitics

  12. Who should provide climate finance? Answering a hard question with some hard numbers

  13. Public finance and development: top reads in November 2022

  14. It’s not just conflict – climate change is also a form of structural gender-based violence

  15. A common framework is needed to track progress towards climate goals

  16. Putting food systems at the heart of climate dialogue and action

  17. With Russia focused on Ukraine, Turkiye positions itself as a key connector in Central Asia

  18. Inflation, incomes and inequality – how can lower-income countries use fiscal policy to the greatest effect?

  19. Shaping the future of climate finance: now or never

  20. Promoting investment for Africa’s industrialisation through economic integration