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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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  1. Welcome to the Digital Public Finance Hub

  2. Think Change episode 21: what do Europeans really think about migrants?

  3. One year since Russia invaded Ukraine: implications for the Africa-Europe relationship

  4. Development Policy Review March 2023 round-up

  5. Position paper: Advisory Group for a Global Summit for Afghan women and girls

  6. Dear Prime Minister: a letter from the Advisory Group for a Global Summit for Afghan women and girls

  7. Public finance and development: top reads in March 2023

  8. Syria after the earthquakes: challenges to post-disaster recovery following the catastrophic humanitarian response

  9. More than meets the eye? Assessing MDBs’ contribution to tackling global challenges

  10. Modelling urban expansion in Africa: an introduction of TI-City

  11. In Ukraine and elsewhere, the humanitarian system won’t change without reshaping narratives

  12. Think Change episode 20: why should men care about International Women's Day?

  13. UK-India FTA negotiations: contentious issues, potential solutions

  14. Refugees and other migrants in Poland: a spotlight on city leadership

  15. Influencers and incumbency: digital disinformation and discontent in Nigeria's Presidential elections

  16. Iran seeks a stronger foothold in Central Asia

  17. Think Change episode 19: Türkiye-Syria earthquakes – lessons learnt and what next?

  18. Seismic risk exposes disaster risk management’s neglect of conflict

  19. Four policy priorities for faster Asian trade integration for global recovery

  20. Think Change episode 18: ‘woman, life, freedom!’ Can activism reshape Iran?