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Refugees, displacement and migration

Humanitarian Practice Network articles

Water weaponisation and displacement in Northeast Syria - Authors names withheld for security reasons

Mental health and conditions in refugee camps matter when Rohingya living in Bangladesh consider returning to Myanmar - by Andrew Riley, Yasmin Akther, Mohammed Noor, Fourth Author (name redacted for security reasons) and Courtney Welton-Mitchell

North East Syria, Al Hassakeh Governorate, Al Hol camp for internally displaced persons. Children in the shadow of a water tank.
  1. Social protection responses to forced displacement in Colombia


  2. Social protection responses to forced displacement in Colombia

    Research reports

  3. What if the Commonwealth was really about common wealth?

  4. Quick wins aren’t the way to coherence between social protection and humanitarian assistance in Cameroon

  5. Integrating assistance to the displaced into a social protection system in Cameroon. An ideal, but in whose interests?

    Research reports

  6. Social media and inclusion in humanitarian response and action

    Working papers

  7. Linking social protection and humanitarian assistance: A toolkit to support social cohesion in displacement settings


  8. Humanitarian assistance and social protection in contexts of forced displacement: effects on social cohesion

    Research reports

  9. Venezuelan migrants in Colombia: an inclusive humanitarian response?


  10. As the world rapidly ages, we need more migrant care workers

  11. Humanitarian assistance and social protection responses to the forcibly displaced in Greece

    Research reports

  12. Think Change episode 2: reactions to the French election results – what impact will they have?

  13. Gender, power and principles in humanitarian action

    Research reports

  14. UK government's response to this refugee crisis is too little, too confused, too slow

  15. Fleeing Ukraine and the inequality of Africa-Europe relations

  16. European and African cities’ asks and proposals for the AU-EU summit

    Press Release