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Refugees, displacement and migration

Humanitarian Practice Network articles

Water weaponisation and displacement in Northeast Syria - Authors names withheld for security reasons

Mental health and conditions in refugee camps matter when Rohingya living in Bangladesh consider returning to Myanmar - by Andrew Riley, Yasmin Akther, Mohammed Noor, Fourth Author (name redacted for security reasons) and Courtney Welton-Mitchell

North East Syria, Al Hassakeh Governorate, Al Hol camp for internally displaced persons. Children in the shadow of a water tank.
  1. Migration can be a source of prosperity all countries, but only when it benefits migrants themselves

  2. Changing climate, changing realities: migration in the Sahel

    Research reports

  3. Migration management and external policy in Europe are increasingly connected – and that’s problematic

  4. Living with climate change, conflict and displacement: recognising agency, voice, mobility, language and linkages

    Briefing/policy papers

  5. Promoting gender equality: linking social protection and humanitarian assistance for displaced populations

  6. Children on the move in Latin America and the Caribbean: Review of evidence

    Research reports

  7. Refugees and other migrants in Poland: a spotlight on city leadership

  8. Strengthening inclusive social protection systems for displaced children and their families

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. Public narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: Ireland country profile

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Public narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: Poland country profile

    Case/country studies

  11. Re-shaping the migration story: centring the hopes, decisions and experiences of those on the move


  12. How the war in Ukraine is impacting Africa-Europe relations and the migration dialogue

  13. Linking humanitarian assistance and social protection in response to forced displacement: an analytical framework

    Working papers

  14. Linking social protection and humanitarian assistance: A toolkit to support basic needs and wellbeing in displacement settings


  15. Climate change, conflict and internal displacement in Afghanistan: 'We are struggling to survive'

    Case/country studies

  16. Cities and Voices


  17. Coping with the risks of conflict, climate and internal displacement in northern Mozambique: ‘We can’t just sit here with our arms crossed’

    Case/country studies

  18. People on the move can support climate action

  19. Social cohesion in displacement: the state of play

    Working papers

  20. What can existing microdata tell us about transfer receipt among host and displaced populations?

    Working papers