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World Disasters Report 2015: local actors, the key to humanitarian effectiveness

Time (GMT +01) 11:00 12:30
Hero image description: Nepal earthquake, April 2015 Image credit:Carl Whetham / IFRC Image license:ODI given rights


Christina Bennett - Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI


Mo Hamza - Editor, World Disasters Report 2015 and Professor, University of Copenhagen

Joanna Macrae - Head of Humanitarian Policy Team, Department for International Development

Alexander Matheou - Director of International Programmes and Partnerships, British Red Cross

Rana Khalaf - Independent Syrian researcher

Abdurahman Sharif - Director, Somalia NGO Consortium


International humanitarian aid is a 20-billion-dollar industry. Yet, just 1.6% goes directly to national NGOs.

This event, held in partnership with the British Red Cross, will launch the World Disasters Report 2015, which explores the role of local actors in humanitarian response and the factors that often prevent them from leading major humanitarian operations.

The report finds that local actors determine the effectiveness of any operation just as much as, if not more than, their supporting international partners. It also highlights efforts under way to improve cooperation between international humanitarian agencies and local actors.

The report calls for a radical redefinition and reframing of what partnership with local responders means, in order to adequately address the complex, specific and changing nature of disasters, health crisis and conflicts.