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Workshop on Migration, Gender and Generations

Time (GMT +01) 00:00 23:59


The aim of this workshop is to examine themes in migration behaviour and experience that are both gendered and generational. Building on the findings of earlier DRC research projects on migration and rural livelihoods, on migration and social protection and on child migration, we will explore:

 •Ways in which the responsibilities for children or the elderly affect men and women's migration behaviour and experience;

 •Patterns of migration over time, for men or for women, or for men and women compared;

 •Children's migration and gender differences;

 •The influence of family structure and/or wider family and social networks on men and women's migration patterns and experience – and vice versa;

 •Differences in remittance behaviour between men and women and how this may be affected by family responsibilities;

 •Identity as a changing component of gendered migration;

 •Gendered education and migration linkages.

 Papers will cover migration flows within Bangladesh, India and West African countries, international migration flows within these regions and international migration into the EU, US and UK. Papers will be based on qualitative or statistical data, and the latter may derive from specific surveys or existing national data sets.

University of Sussex