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Women, water and farming

Time (GMT +00) 17:00 18:00
Hero image description: Women's Work: A woman collects water for the home in the Awash Basin, Ethiopia

Women, water and farming


Caroline Harper - Head of Social Development, ODI


Naomi Oates - Research Officer, ODI

Robin Willoughby - Policy Lead, Agriculture Investment, Oxfam International

Seblewongel Denke Director, Gender Programme, Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (via videolink)



The El Niño related drought across the Horn and Southern Africa shows the devastating impact of increasing climate variability and water insecurity. Many low-income countries continue to rely on rain-fed agriculture for growth and livelihoods. When rains fail, rural communities face food insecurity and limited livelihood options.

However, the impacts of climate risks are not felt equally. Women and men in rural areas have different access to, rights and responsibilities in relation to land and water for agricultural production. It is important to consider how efforts to build resilience account for gender based differences.

This event launches our ODI Insights Report on the impacts of climate variability for rural women and men in Ethiopia and Malawi. We discuss how gender differences can put women at greater risk of climate hazards, and how to redress the balance.

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