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Women and girls’ economic empowerment: measuring results

Time (GMT +00) 12:00 13:30


Caroline Harper - Head of the Social Development Programme, Overseas Development Institute


Zoe Stephenson -  Evaluation Advisor, Department for International Development

Paola Pereznieto - Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute

Georgia Taylor - Independent consultant


Jonathan Mitchell -Practice Leader Economic Growth, Coffey International Development


What are the best techniques to figure out the impacts of projects on economic empowerment of women and girls?

How can we learn from techniques used to improve evaluation design, and develop better indicators that capture the many dimensions of economic empowerment with solid understanding of gender to ensure evaluations better capture the transformation of economic empowerment, beyond income generation alone?

Researchers from ODI and Social Development Direct, with inputs from a panel of experts on gender-focused evaluations, have produced a DFID-commissioned review of methodological approaches, used to evaluate and research economicempowerment of women and girls.

To launch this report, the authors, Georgia Taylor and Paola Pereznieto will be accompanied by Zoe Stephenson and Clare McCrum from DFID, to present the findings and recommendations from the report. They aim to foster a discussion between panellists and participant donors, practitioners and academics on how to improve design and commissioning of evaluations to deliver stronger positive impacts across the different dimensions of women and girls’ economic empowerment.