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What next for UK international development?

Time (GMT +01) 12:00 13:15


  • Sara Pantuliano, Chair

    Chief Executive, ODI

  • HE Manoah Esipisu

    High Commissioner of the Republic of Kenya to the United Kingdom

    @MEsipisu @KenyaMissionUK
  • Elissa Golberg

    Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada

  • Birgitta Tazelaar

    Deputy Director-General for International Cooperation at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Danny Sriskandarajah

    Chief Executive, Oxfam GB



The UK has been a global leader on development, not least due to the extraordinary expertise and trust built up by the Department for International Development (DFID). The recent announcement by the UK Prime Minister that DFID will be merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in September has provoked heated debate in parliament and across the development and global affairs sector.

Building a more sustainable and just world undoubtedly needs a whole government effort, including the considerable diplomatic influence of the FCO. But how the merger is managed will be crucial if the UK is to retain its principled approach to aid.

This event is an opportunity to hear from the Commonwealth country perspective and aid experts to discuss the future of UK international development. We explore aspects that will contribute to a successful merger in unprecedented times and how the UK can continue to ensure its aid spending supports the most vulnerable.

203 Blackfriars Road London