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What has been achieved in Katine a year on? A discussion on lessons learnt

Time (GMT +00) 12:30 14:00


Susie Hares - Global Community Partnerships Manager, Barclays

Madeleine Bunting - Columnist and Associate Editor, Guardian newspaper

Joshua Kyallo - Country Director, AMREF Uganda

Grace Mukasa - Head of Programmes and Advocacy, AMREF UK

Edward Watkiss - Programme Operations Manager, Farm Africa


Simon Maxwell - Director, ODI


In the last year, the Katine Community Partnerships Project has brought significant changes to people's lives in post-conflict Katine: 80% of children have been immunised against common childhood diseases, safe water coverage has increased to 64%, more pupils have enrolled at the newly built schools, village health workers have been trained, and community finance schemes, community groups and farmers' groups have been established. £100,000 has been raised through donations inspired by coverage of the project and from Barclays. Although there have been major achievements, it has not all been smooth sailing. This innovative partnership, between an NGO, a media group, and a bank, has created huge opportunities for creativity and innovation but at the same time presented challenges.

This 90-minute ODI event will bring together the key partners involved in the Katine Community Partnership project to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year. Panelists will share their perspectives on the project’s progress so far: what has been learnt, and how have the partners adapted to each others’ different perspectives? What is it like to work under the media spotlight, and how has this affected the project? What are the challenges involved in communicating development, and what are the lessons for Katine and for Africa development in general?