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What future for 'traditional' development agencies in a changing world?

Time (GMT +01) 16:00 17:30


  Warren Evans - Senior Adviser at the Sustainable Development Network of the World Bank, leading the 'Collectives Solution 2025' project
Peter Moors -  Director General for Development Cooperation at Belgium’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
  Romilly Greenhill - ODI Research Fellow and author of The age of choice: how are developing countries managing the new aid landscape?


Andy Norton - Interim Director of ODI


The development landscape is continuing to change radically and development cooperation is changing with it. Whether it be the motives and goals for development cooperation, the actors involved, or the instruments they use, little seems the same as it was only 10 years ago. We all know about the rise of the 'emerging donors' and the increase in private funds for development purposes. But what will be the role of ‘traditional’ donors, including long-standing multilaterals and DAC bilaterals, in this changing 'aidscape'? How do these agencies understand their contribution and comparative advantage? How are they already changing their working practices? This meeting will discuss these questions, and identify some of the possible responses.