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Urbanisation and humanitarian action

Time (GMT +00) 13:00 15:00


Following a large multi-city study on urbanisation in Sudan and South Sudan, HPG is currently undertaking a series of eight case studies in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia focusing specifically on the vulnerabilities of displaced populations in urban areas and how national and international actors can best respond.
Central to these studies is how the displacement experience in an urban context differs from a camp or rural setting. Does being a displaced person in a city generate specific vulnerabilities, beyond those faced by other residents  in the informal settlements where refugees and internally displaced people tend to reside? If so, what does this mean for humanitarian organisations seeking to address these vulnerabilities? Half-way through this project, HPG's research offers important preliminary conclusions about the vulnerabilities and resilience of the urban displaced and about the challenges and opportunities for national and international actors.   Haysom will be presenting a selection of interesting findings from the studies.

University of Cape Town, South Africa