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Turning numbers into nurses: enhancing government spending on the MDGs

Time (GMT +01) 12:30 14:00

Matthew Martin - Director, Development Finance International
Phil Bloomer - Director, Campaigns and Policy, Oxfam UK
Thoko Madonko - Representative of People's Health Movement, South Africa

Elizabeth Stuart - Director of Policy and Research, Save the Children UK
Nuria Molina - Director of Policy and Research, Action Aid UK
Marcus Manuel - Director of ODI's, Budget Strengthening Initiative

Larry Elliot – The Guardian



This ODI, Development Finance International and Oxfam event will launch The Government Spending Watch 2013 Report, which analyses trends in government spending on the MDGs and transparency on spending in more than 50 countries.


Although the Millennium Development Goals were agreed in 2000, there has never been comprehensive data available on what developing countries are spending to achieve them. This event will present Government Spending Watch, a new advocacy, campaigning, analysis and data transparency initiative which for the first time reveals how much developing country governments are spending on health; education; water/sanitation; agriculture/food; gender rights; environment and climate change; social protection. By increasing transparency on spending, the initiative aims to increase advocacy, campaigning and spending on the goals.

Jointly organised by ODI, Development Finance International and Oxfam this event will also launch:

  • The Government Spending Watch Website, a global hub for campaigning and research on these issues;

  • The Government Spending Watch Database, containing detailed data on government spending from 55 countries.


The event will bring together civil society, academics and policy makers to discuss the findings of the report and the contributions donors are making to budgets. We will also present the impact the work is already having on international efforts to track and analyse MDG spending; as well as the plans to scale up Southern advocacy and campaigning on these issues, and to translate transparency into government and donor accountability.


203 Blackfriars Road London