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Trade in Services

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


Perceptions and thinking about what 'Trade in Services' means, have changed over the course of recent years. Modelling work has begun to develop and the links between economics and law and between trade and migration are being explored. It has been a highly contentious element of debates on the WTO. There is intense discussion about whether outsourcing of services is different from goods imports.

This workshop offers space to scholars to approach this area theoretically and empirically. We have invited a number of leading specialists including Prof Alan Winters (World Bank), Prof Terrie Walmsley (Center for Global Trade Analysis) Prof Sherman Robinson (Sussex) Dr Dirk te Velde (ODI) and experts from the UK DTI.

We invite contributions from economists and other interested social sciences (including lawyers and political scientists) interested in the theory of Trade in Services, or modelling. Established researchers, PhD candidates and those interested in presenting their own work or discussing and exploring new ideas are all welcome. We would particularly like to hear about case studies undertaken with a focus on fields within 'Trade in Services' and thinking with regard to the Role of the WTO and GATS IV Mode.

University of Sussex