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Third world conference on human security: humanitarian perspectives and responses

Time (GMT +01) 00:00 23:59


​Human security is a people-centred approach to global security which recognises that lasting peace and social justice cannot be achieved unless people are protected from threats to their rights and basic needs. Threats to human security include violence and abuse of human rights, corruption and bad governance, disasters and climate change, and poverty and poor access to basic services.

What are the emerging trends and difficulties in ensuring human security in such environments? Is the theory and practice of humanitarianism keeping up with the changing contexts of threats and risks? How could the human security debate benefit from humanitarian studies? This collaboration between IHSA and CPRS will provide a forum to explore how the subject of human security could be investigated through a humanitarian lens at the academic, policy and practice levels. This conference has been divided into four main themes.

The Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium will be at The Human Security: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses conference  hosting a panel looking at livelihoods, basic services, security and justice: the socio-economic realities in conflict affected situations. This panel will give the audience a preview to the findings from the surveys exploring the type and coverage of support to livelihoods, the extent of access to basic services and peoples’ views about the roles, responsibilities and performance of different levels of government and non-state actors in providing services, supporting livelihoods and security and justice.

Kadir Has University in Turkey, Istanbul