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The link between HIV and AIDS and food insecurity: Exploring the evidence

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Hero image description: World Aids Day ribbon Image credit:Allan Gichigi Image license:ODI given rights


CARE International, ODI and Concern Worldwide UK organised this workshop, which took place at the office of the Overseas Development Institute on 25th May 2007, to provide an opportunity for NGO practitioners, research institutions, advocates and policy makers to explore the links between HIV and AIDS and Food Security.

The objectives of the meeting included the following:

  • To share knowledge, ideas and experiences on practical implementation of interventions tackling Food Security and HIV and AIDS as interrelated issues.
  • To explore potential research questions and possible research methodologies
  • To discuss ways of strengthening the debate and action on food security and HIV and AIDS

The workshop was part of ongoing efforts to promote debate and to increase understanding of the links between HIV and AIDS and food security. It aimed to attract sufficient attention from the international community to ensure that Article 28 of the UNGASS 2006 declaration could move from words to reality - actually improving the lives of persons vulnerable to or affected by HIV. Practical experiences from several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa were shared, as were findings from recent research carried out by the IDS and ODI.