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The global response to refugees and vulnerable migrants

Time (GMT +00) 18:30 19:30


Karen AbuZayd @KarenAbuZayd - Former Special Advisor on the Summit of Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants


Christina Bennett @cr_bennett  - Head, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI


The mass movement of populations – refugees, internally displaced people and vulnerable migrants – is driving one of the most devastating humanitarian situations of our time. One in every 113 people in the world is a refugee, displaced person or an asylum seeker and such displacement often last for decades.

There has been some willingness across the globe to collectively address both the causes and the consequences of such population movements. The twin summits on refugees and migration at the United Nations in September made some progress toward wider global commitments to addressing displacement head-on. However, such openness could quickly turn to isolationism as countries continue to adopt restrictive refugee policies and as the political space for dialogue becomes more limited.

Delivering the HPG annual lecture this year is Karen AbuZayd. As the former Special Advisor to this year’s United Nations General Assembly Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, she discusses what needs to be done next to strengthen global responses for refugees and vulnerable migrants. 

If you would like to register your interest in attending in person, please contact [email protected] with your name and organisation. You can also sign up to watch the livestream by following the Eventbrite link at the top of this page.

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