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The global financial crisis and developing countries: the G20 and beyond

Time (GMT +00) 10:30 12:00


Avinash Persaud - Deputy Chair, ODI and Member of the UN Commission of Experts on International Financial Reform

Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones - Executive Director, Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University

Dr Dirk Willem te Velde - Programme Leader and Research Fellow, Investment and Growth Programme, International Economic Development Group, ODI


Simon Maxwell - Director, ODI


On 2 April 2009, 20 world leaders will convene in London to tackle the global financial crisis and restore worldwide financial stability and consider global financial rules.

But there is more on the table.  The G20 should also consider measures to address the impact of the crisis on developing countries who are already suffering its effects. It is important that the effects on development are high on the agenda and this covers a range of areas such as appropriate global financial rules, open trade policies, fiscal stimulus in developing countries, support for policies for faster growth and a reformed aid system fit for purpose.

This event will discuss global financial rules, the future of trade and financial globalisation and a fiscal stimulus to help the poorest countries overcome the effects of the global financial crisis.

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