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The Economic Impact of IMF-Supported Programmes

Time (GMT +00) 10:30 12:00

Jeremy Lefroy - MP

Christian Mumssen - Senior Representative of the IMF to the EU
Linda Kaltani - IMF, Economist
Dirk Willem Te Velde - Head of Programme, ODI
Annalisa Prizzon - Research Fellow, ODI
Sargon Nissan - IMF Programme Mannager, The Bretton Woods Project)


​This roundtable will discuss the findings and policy implications of IMF research that assesses the economic impact of the IMF’s support through its facilities for low-income countries. The paper investigates (i) the longer-term impact of IMF engagement on economic growth and a range of other indicators and socioeconomic outcomes; (ii) the role of IMF shock-related financing—on short-term macroeconomic performance. Evidence suggests that longer-term IMF programme support  may indeed have helped low-income countries (LICs) sustain economic growth and boost resilience by building fiscal buffers. Building on this analysis of the impact of Fund-supported programmes, IMF staff will outline the actions recently taken to strengthen IMF financing for LICs over the longer term and outline lessons for future IMF Engagement in low-income countries.

The IMF team will open the roundtable with a presentation which will be followed by comments and a discussion involving ODI researchers, academics, development practitioners and government officials.