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The Dhaka Colloquium on Systematic Reviews in International Development

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


Global development policy should not be based on the findings of one study on a small sample of the population. It should be based on a comprehensive review of all available good quality evidence from several research studies.

As the movement for evidence-based development is gathering momentum, the important contribution of systematic reviews has come into sharp focus. By drawing on all existing evidence on a particular intervention or programme, systematic reviews can offer valuable lessons for policymakers and programme managers.

There are currently over 100 completed or on-going reviews on development topics.But there are several challenges that need to be addressed with respect to the methodology and use of systematic reviews. How do we handle the wide heterogeneity in intervention design and context? How should we use other sorts of high quality evidence, such as that from anthropological studies? What are the best waysof communicating systematic review findings to policy makers?

The Dhaka Colloquium on Systematic Reviews in International Development brings together leading researchers in the field of systematic reviews and policymakers from Asia and beyond to address these crucial questions.

BRAC CDM Savar Khagan, Savar Dhaka – 1340 Bangladesh