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The age of choice: developing countries in the new aid landscape

Time (GMT +00) 12:30 14:00
Hero image description: New build in Ehtiopia Image credit:Overseas Development Institute Image license:Creative Commons


Romilly Greenhill - Research Fellow, ODI

Annalisa Prizzon - Research Officer, ODI


Matthew Martin- Director, Development Finance International

Ronald Nkusi  - Director, External Finance at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda (via VC)

Alison Evans 
- Director, ODI




Amid the cut and thrust of high-level discussions at the international level on global goals and the architecture of development finance, a fundamental shift is taking place in developing countries. A new ‘age of choice’ of external financing options for these countries is dawning, and it is set to challenge to primacy of so-called ‘traditional aid’.

A myriad of ‘non-traditional’ sources of finance are providing developing countries with a portfolio of choices to fund their development. And so-called ‘traditional aid’ is fast becoming just one option among many. This implies a more complex global landscape for developing country governments and development partners alike, with new challenges and new opportunities for all.

This event will present the findings and policy recommendations from the ‘age of choice’ project, a year-long investigation into how developing countries are adapting to the new aid landscape. 

203 Blackfriars Road London