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Tackling corruption: can citizens make a difference?

Time (GMT +01) 10:30 12:00


Pierre Landell-Mills - Director, Partnership for Transparency Fund

Fredrik Galtung - Chief Executive, Integrity Action


Mark Robinson - Chief Professional Officer, Governance, Social Development, Conflict and Humanitarian, DFID.


Alina Rocha Menocal - Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute


Over the past decade, there has been growing enthusiasm in international development circles about the transformational power of citizen participation.  An informed and aware population who can participate in political processes, hold the state to account, and exercise rights and responsibilities effectively is seen as indispensable to strengthen the quality of (democratic) governance and the nature of state-society relations. Yet, the evidence base linking “political voice” to improved governance and development outcomes remains much debated.

This event will seek to address this debate by analysing innovative civil society initiatives to combat corruption and promote greater transparency and accountability. Drawing on research and experience from a variety of settings across the developing world, the panel will explore whether and how citizen participation has made a difference, and, critically, why. The discussion should also generate some important lessons and messages for improved donor engagement in this area.

This event contributes to ODI’s growing body of work on the politics of public goods and service delivery and democracies in transition, including the implications for citizen’s participation. Pierre is the author of a new book entitled Citizens against Corruption: Report from the Frontline (Matador, 2013) and Fredrik has an upcoming working paper entitled “The Fix-Rate: A Key Metric for Transparency and Accountability”, Integrity Action (May 2013, forthcoming).