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Syria crisis: how aid is changing

Time (GMT +00) 15:00 16:30
Chair: Lord Michael Williams – Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Chatham House


Eva Svoboda - Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI and co-author of 'Local and diaspora actors in the Syria response: a new aid model?'

Dr Rola Hallam - Medical Director, Hand in Hand for Syria

Rebecca Thompson - Director of Programmes for Partnership in the Middle East, Mercy Corps

Dr Molham Entabi - Trustee, Syria Relief



As the conflict in Syria continues with little sign of abating, the humanitarian system has found itself stretched to the limit. Now more than ever, diaspora and local aid organisations are on frontlines of the aid response.

With a keen local understanding of the conflict, the people and the area, diaspora and local aid organisations are uniquely qualified to know what is most needed, in which areas, and how to gain access to those in need. But why do they still struggle for recognition amongst the traditional humanitarian NGOs and donors?

Join us for a launch of leading new research on how diaspora and local aid organisations are changing aid responses in Syria, and how different aid organisations can collaborate to best serve those continuing to live under fire in Syria’s conflict zones.

Due to an urgent international news story Lindsey Hilsum will unfortunately not be able to join the panel.