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Sustaining pathways out of extreme poverty

Time (GMT +00) 09:00 15:00


Dr. Andrew Long - Head of Profession for Social Development, Department for International Development, UK

Tim Conway - Senior Social Development Advisor, Governance, Conflict and Social Development Team, Research and Evidence Division, Department for International Development, UK

Alex Thier @Thieristan - Executive Director, ODI, UK


Dr. Andrew Shepherd - Head of Programme, Chronic Poverty Advisory Network, ODI, UK

Diana Skelton @DianaSkelton - Head of Mission, ATD Fourth World, UK

Lewis Temple @LewisETemple - Chief Executive Officer, BRAC UK, UK

Romilly Greenhill @Romilly_one - UK Director, ONE Campaign

Fredrick Golooba Mutebi - Political Economy Advisor, Uganda & Research Associate, ODI

Vidya Diwakar @vidya_diwakar - CPAN Senior Research Officer, ODI, UK

Dr. Elvin Nyukuri - Research Fellow, African Centre for Technology Studies, Kenya

Professor Kim Abel Kayunze - Associate Professor of Rural Development, Department of Development Studies, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Tanzania

Alexandre Simons - Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR), Rwanda

Dr Yisak Tafere - Coordinator, Ethiopian Centre for Child Research, at EDRI, Ethiopia

Lucia Da Corta - Research Associate, ODI, UK


If the world is to ‘get to zero’ on extreme poverty, it will not only require escapes for people living in poverty, but for more people not to become impoverished, and preventing those who have escaped poverty from falling below the poverty line again.

Recent research by ODI reveals a disturbing trend: in countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, a significant proportion of rural households that escaped poverty fell back into it during the following 8 to 10 years. Many non-poor rural households also became poor during the same period.  As a result, the rate of rural households descending into poverty (becoming impoverished) in these countries exceeds the rate of those sustainably escaping it. Research and knowledge on how to reverse these trends are therefore an absolute priority.

The ODI-led Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN), in partnership with research organisations in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh and Uganda, has produced a series of country case studies that shed light on the conditions that have allowed, or failed to allow, a sustained escape from poverty. 

This event presents findings of CPAN’s latest research and aims to provide the latest evidence on policies and programmes that can assist in achieving positive poverty outcomes. 


203 Blackfriars Road London