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Sustainable economic recovery in Mongolia: challenges and opportunities

Time (GMT +00) 09:00 10:30
Image credit:Michal Vit / Shutterstock. Image license:Standard image license (Shutterstock)
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Launched in December 2021, Mongolia’s New Recovery Policy is not just a roadmap to recover from the economic damage inflicted by COVID – it is a key part of the Government’s long-term strategy to become an industrialised state. Alongside ‘Vision 2050’, launched in 2020, Mongolia’s New Recovery Policy aims to spur investment in a number of areas, including energy, border ports, industrialisation, urban and rural recovery, green development, and public sector efficiency.

The direction the New Recovery Policy takes will shape Mongolia’s future. If successful, the Policy will transform the country from a supplier of raw materials into an industrialised economy, as well as reduce its vulnerability to climate and market shocks. Investments must benefit not only businesses, but also sustainable development.

Taking research carried out by ODI as a starting point, this roundtable will explore the challenges and opportunities for Mongolia’s sustainable economic recovery. The event aims to: improve understanding of Mongolia’s economic recovery priorities and reforms, and highlight opportunities and challenges for economic recovery, including in terms of attracting foreign direct investment.

This online-only event will comprise speeches, presentations and a panel discussion, and will include some of the stakeholders who are key to supporting Mongolia’s recovery. It is a critical event for anyone with an interest in Mongolia’s economy and sustainable development.

This event is online only, and will be livestreamed.

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