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Sustainable Development Policy Institute 2013 conference: creating momentum - today is tomorrow

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​​The Sustainable Development Policy Institute(SDPI) will be hosting its Sixteenth Sustainable Development Conference titled "Creating Momentum: Today is Tomorrow" from 10-12 December 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

The Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium will be at the SDPI conference looking at livelihoods in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS), particularly in the South Asian region. Livelihood options in Northwest Pakistan were studied by SDPI in order to explore how post-conflict livelihood approaches change overtime. In addition, the team also measured how effective local community mitigation techniques were during conflict, as well as, the effectiveness of mitigation and adaptation techniques provided by the state and non-state actors. With plenty of support aimed at rebuilding the social fabric of FCAS by the local, national and international actors; we ask how effective this support has been in reality. 

As 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline approaches, we evaluate the progress that has been made, and what lies on the road ahead. 

  • This panel discusses the provision of social protection and basic service delivery in FCAS by both government and non-government institutions. Speakers will deliberate the following questions: 
  • When is it appropriate to try and build secure livelihoods in fragile and conflict‐affected situations (FCAS) in addition to meeting immediate acute needs? 
  • What building blocks (e.g. humanitarian assistance, social protection, basic services – including water, health, education and support to market institutions and infrastructure) are required in different contexts? 
  • Who can best deliver building blocks? and, 
  • How key investments can be better and more predictably supported by effective financing mechanisms? 
Best Western, Islamabad