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Sudan APG Parliamentary Hearings into Sudan's Peace: Conclusions

Time (GMT +00) 14:00 15:30

Lord Alton of Liverpool – Secretary, Associate Parliamentary Group for Sudan
Baroness Kinnock
- Minister for Africa
Sara Pantuliano - Research Fellow and Programme Leader, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI
The Earl of Sandwich – Treasurer, Associate Parliamentary Group for Sudan
Baroness Cox – Member, Associate Parliamentary Group for Sudan


Over the past six months the Sudan Associate Parliamentary Group has held Parliamentary Hearings into Sudan's peace.  The Hearings brought together a very wide range of people and expertise, initially with numerous written submissions received from a variety of different sources, including a number from within Sudan, and then in oral evidence which allowed the Committee to talk to and bring up specific issues with Ministers, NGOs, advocacy and human rights groups, international political representatives, the Archbishop for Sudan, and world renowned experts on the same platform.

The Hearings provided an opportunity to examine the implementation of the CPA leading up to 2011 and its implications for beyond, specifically how well the peace process has been supported and continues to be supported by the international community, including governmental bodies, donors, and international agencies and organizations.  As we approach the final phases of the CPA, the Hearings also served to raise awareness in UK Parliament of the gaps that remain to be filled, and thereby improve policies and highlight the challenges still to be faced by Sudan in the next few years.

In this event the Committee, comprised of nine Parliamentarians, Sara Pantualiano and Alex de Waal, will discuss their findings from the Hearings, including the key issues and recommendations for the international community.  Baroness Kinnock, Minister for Africa, will talk about international support for Sudan in the run up to elections, the referendum, and beyond, and respond to the Committee's findings.