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South Sudan: One year on

Time (GMT +01) 17:00 19:00

William Bain MP - Chair of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Sudan and South Sudan


HE Ambassador Abdullahi Alzareg – Ambassador for Sudan, Embassy for Sudan

HE Ambassador Chol Mawut – Charge d’Affaires for South Sudan, Embassy for South Sudan

Sara Pantuliano – Head of the Humanitarian Policy Group at the Overseas Development Institute. Sara has more than 20 years experience in conflict and post-conflict contexts. Prior to joining ODI in 2006, she led UNDP Sudan's Peace Building Unit, managed a high-profile post-conflict response in the Nuba Mountains and was a resource person and an observer at the IGAD Sudan peace process.

Ros Wynne-Jones - Ros is an award-winning journalist and author who writes about global and UK poverty and has reported from conflict zones across the world. She has very recently returned from her latest visit to South Sudan.

Robin Gwynn – Robin is the UK Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan

Also featuring contributions from young members of the South Sudanese and Sudanese diaspora living in the UK.


On the 9th of July 2011 South Sudan became independent from Sudan, signifying the end of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which ended Africa’s longest running civil war.

Yet over the past year, issues left unresolved from the CPA have led to a dramatic escalation in tensions between the two countries, the shut-down of South Sudan’s oil production with severe implications for the economies of both countries, and warnings of a major humanitarian crisis.

This discussion, hosted by the Associate Parliamentary Group on Sudan and South Sudan, will focus on the important events in South Sudan and Sudan from the past year, including the achievements and challenges for both countries. Crucially, it offers an opportunity to look forward to the futures of South Sudan and Sudan, and the role the UK Government can play in contributing towards peace and development. 

With Members of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Sudan and South Sudan from the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Grimond Room, Portcullis House, London