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Security and justice seminar series: 2015 - 2016

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​Following on from the 2014 – 2015 seminar series, ODI – with support from Atkis, Crown Agents, Integrity Research, The Law & Development Partnership, PwC and Saferworld – is organising a new series of events to interrogate important conceptual and practical issues related to security and justice programming.

The series provides the opportunity for regular meetings amongst the security and justice community of practice, helping to build stronger connections, relationships and shared knowledge, in turn supporting better programming. The seminars serve to promote knowledge and information sharing relevant to security and justice policy, programming and research. They also aim to bring together those working on issues of policing, justice, rule of law and military security; as well as those from practitioner, policy and research backgrounds.

Seminars are open to anyone who would like to participate: please contact the Politics and Governance programme via [email protected] for further information. Attendees include representatives from government agencies, implementing partners, individual consultants, NGOs, research institutes and universities.