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Securing national ownership of climate finance

Time (GMT +01) 19:15 20:45
Hero image description: Solar panel on used for lighting village homes, energy, Sri Lanka. Image credit:Dominic Sansoni / World Bank Image license:Creative Commons

Imme Scholz - Deputy Director, German Development Institute
David Waskow - Climate Change Program Director, Oxfam America
Nuzhat Imam - Oxfam Bangladesh
Merylyn Hedger - Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute
Neil Bird - Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute


Drawing on new research by both ODI and Oxfam around how to manage new flows of climate finance, this side event explored the delivery mechanisms for international public climate finance within developing countries. It focused on how national and global finance mechanisms can support country ownership of new flows of finance, including through participation by women and other vulnerable populations. Recognising that climate finance is not aid, the emerging relationship at the country level between these two flows was explored. At the side event, Oxfam released its new report, ‘Owning adaptation: country-level governance of climate adaptation finance.’ Publications from the recently completed ODI/DIE project on ‘climate change challenges for European development cooperation’ were also made available.

TRAM Room, UNFCCC 34th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies, Bonn