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Scrutiny in the age of 'aid and beyond'

Time (GMT +00) 17:30 19:00


Marta Foresti - Director of Governance, Security and Livelihoods, ODI


Alison Evans - Chief Commissioner, Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI)

Neil Sayers - Director, Financial Audit of the Overseas Departments, National Audit Office (NAO)

Pete Vowles - Head of Programme Delivery, Department for International Development (DFID) 


​In a recent speech at ODI, International Development Secretary of State, Justine Greening MP, described DFID as “probably the most scrutinised government department”. DFID’s work, budget and decisions are watched and closely monitored by many – from the independent watchdog, ICAI, to the Parliamentary Committee, the National Audit Office, UK NGOs and the media.

With the UK government’s pledge to spend 0.7% of its annual gross national income on aid now enshrined in law, it is time for an honest conversation about how we balance the need for an accountable and transparent DFID with maintaining both political and public support for the UK’s development effort. And as we enter a new SDG era with increased focus on ‘beyond aid’ issues such as trade, tax and climate change, how can we ensure that we have a cross-government approach to monitoring and measuring the UK’s international development impact?