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Resilience: uncensored

Time (GMT +01) 16:00 17:00

Simon Levine - Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

Claire Hutchings - Head of Effectiveness and Evaluation, Oxfam GB


Joel Hafvenstein - Resilience Advisor, Tearfund


It’s human instinct to count things. But can everything be measured?

The aid world wants to pour millions of dollars into helping to build people’s resilience. And if we can’t measure our impact, we’ll never know what works best, so it’s clear we need to figure out how much we are improving people’s resilience.

Many are now developing different tools to help us measure resilience in ways that will allow us to make decisions based on hard data.

So why did one analyst say that trying to put a number on how resilient people are is not only nonsense, but positively dangerous?

Join us at the pub on 8 October from 4pm in the Rose and Crown for a heated (but friendly) debate on quantifying resilience. We can’t guarantee that you’ll leave convinced by either side, but you’re bound to have some fun, to hear – and even ask – some interesting questions… and possibly have a pint or two.

Rose and Crown, 47 Colombo St, London SE1 8DP