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Report launch: International financing of disaster risk reduction

Time (GMT +01) 09:30 11:30
Hero image description: Floods cover house in rural Mozambique Image credit:TheHumanitarianCoaliton.ca Image license:Creative Commons


Jan Kellett, Senior Research Advisor, ODI


Francis Ghesquiere - Head of GFDRR Secretariat, The World Bank

Muhammadu Dikko Ladan - The Honorary Consul for the Republic of Niger

Saleh Saaed - Head of the Disasters Emergency Committee


Tom Mitchell, Head of Climate and Environment Programme, ODI



At this event the Overseas Development Institute and Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery at the World Bank launch a joint report on International Financing of Disaster Risk Reduction. With serious questions about how the international community has dealt with disasters in the past 20 yearshow much is committed to disaster prevention, how it is allocated and what is the future of international support towards the reduction of disaster risk?

This event will examine the evidence to date of international support for the reduction of disaster risk. This event will raise some serious questions about the adequacy and equality of international investments in risk, questions that also lead us on to consider its role, responsibility and effectiveness. (Please see the preliminary briefing for further information on this report).

This event is designed to bring together different stakeholders – from development and humanitarian agencies, the media, government departments, research organisations and from the private sector bodies and foundations – to discuss the report’s findings and recommendations and the future of international support to the reduction of disaster risk. What should the international community be financing and how?

Please see the agenda for further details.