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Reimagining adaptation: opportunities to manage risk and build resilience in an interconnected world

Time (GMT +00) 14:30 18:00

Session one speakers 

Ana Gonzalez Guerrero @anaf_gg – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Youth Climate Lab

Maria del Pilar Bueno@MPilarBuenoR – Co-Chair, The Adaptation Committee, UNFCCC

Youssef Nassef @ynassef – Director of Adaptation, UNFCCC   

Rebecca Nadin @ODIclimate – Head of Risk and Resilience, ODI 

Måns Nilsson @mansanilsson – Executive Director, SEI 

David Molden@icimod – Director General, ICIMOD 

Andreas Reumann @AndiReu – Principal Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Unit, Green Climate Fund

Miroslav Polzer @glocha_mp – Founder and CEO, GLOCHA 

Musonda Mumba @MumbaMusondam – Chief of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Unit, UNEP


Session two speakers

Richard Jones @MetOffice_Sci – Science Fellow, Met Office 

Mozaharul Alam @Babu_UNEP – Regional Coordinator of Climate Change for Asia and the Pacific, UNEP

Jyotsna Puri @Jo_Puri – Head of Independent Evaluation Unit, Green Climate Fund 

Michael Cote @WinrockIntl – Project Director, PIER, Winrock International

Joseph Siegal @PaceEnviroLaw @MediatorsBB – Professor at Pace Law School, Senior Attorney and Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Specialist

Hanna Plotnykova @unece – Environmental Affairs Officer, UNECE 

Nanki Kaur @nankimann – Regional Programme Manager, ICIMOD

Emmanuel Seck @EmmanuelSobel – Programme Manager, ENDA 

Richard Klein @rjtklein – Senior Research Fellow, SEI 

Pablo Suarez @PabloSurGames – Associate Director for Research and Innovation, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre


Join us at COP25 to envision a future world in which adaptation to climate change is meeting the challenges of an interconnected world.

The effects of climate change on vulnerable people around the world become clearer every day. As countries continue to accelerate action to respond to the climate crisis, the context of that action is rapidly shifting. Unpredictable political movements, unprecedented globalisation, and technological innovation mean that the global community is transforming as it tries to respond to these challenges.

So let’s take a leap forward: It is 2030 – COP36. The Sustainable Development Goals have been met. The Paris Agreement implemented. The world is successfully adapting to the climate crisis.

But how does the adaptation of tomorrow differ to the adaptation of today? How do countries cooperate in this world? How are the risks of common concern addressed? How are the benefits and opportunities shared? And what needs to happen to deveop this new era of global cooperation?