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Reframing the social dimensions of HIV in a biomedicalised epidemic: The case of treatment as prevention

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


This is a one day conference to facilitate dialogue across the social and biomedical sciences that will extend conceptions of the role of ‘the social’ in the HIV and AIDS research field and, in doing so, enable new forms of collaborative research and programme development. 

The objectives are:

  • To demonstrate the potential of cross disciplinary exchange involving new theoretical and methodological developments.
  • To extend the conference circuit of HIV and AIDS in order that it will become more attentive and inclusive of collaborative approaches across the humanities, social and biomedical sciences.
  • To facilitate methodological innovation in HIV and AIDS social and scientific research and, associatively, in programme design and delivery to deal with challenges arising with increasing biomedical innovation.
  • To give specific attention to an emerging series of challenges posed by initiatives involving the use of existing antiretroviral drugs (currently used in treating existing infection) for prevention.

The conference has been organised as an intensive 'round table' discussion lead by four consecutive panels of three or four speakers per panel.

Please note, attendance is by invitation only.