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Reconciling EU interests and values: A new vision for global development

Time (GMT +01) 12:30 14:00

Stephan Auer, Director for Multilateral Relations and Global Issues, European External Action Service (EEAS)
Elmar Brok MEP, Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs
Fernando Frutuoso de Melo, European Commission Director General for  Development and Cooperation 

Teshome Toga Chanaka, Ambassador of the Mission of Ethiopia to the EU
Simon Maxwell, European Think Tanks Group

Linda McAvan MEP, Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Development
Jeroen Verheul, Ambassador for Trade and Development and Head of the Ministry’s Task Force for the Global Partnership for Effective Development, the Netherlands


Shada Islam, Director of Policy at Friends of Europe


​In a rapidly changing and interdependent world, Europe’s new leaders need to adopt a global perspective in European policy-making, a new understanding of the EU’s global role, and in particular, a new approach to international development. The EU’s ambitions for its own citizens – for prosperity, environmental sustainability, peace and inclusiveness – cannot be divorced from its global responsibilities and opportunities. Its future will be shaped by how successful it is in contributing towards a more inclusive, stable, prosperous and equitable world. To do this, the EU will need to promote better and more inclusive trade and finance regimes, play its part internally and externally on climate change and the transition towards a green economy, contribute towards the prevention of violent conflict, support democratic political change and respect for human rights, and understand and tackle the drivers of poverty and inequality.

Do Europe’s new leaders recognise the need for a new global strategy that links internal and external action? How can Europe’s policymakers ensure there will be a greater commitment to collective action at EU level? Is there a readiness to connect new ways of working with new systems and processes? How can the EU’s leadership be strengthened across policy areas and institutions? Does the European Think Tanks Group’s 2014 report 'Our Collective Interest: Why Europe's problems need global solutions and global problems need European action' offer the sort of answers needed?

Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels