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(Re-)Building Developmental States: From Theory to Practice

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


This meeting series examined developmental states - what they are, how they develop and how they can be supported. They are currently at the centre of international policy debate. In March 2005, the Report of the Africa Commission acknowledged that weaknesses in how states function are a key bottleneck in the development of poor countries and pose crucial challenges to current models of international development cooperation and assistance.

The literature on the formation and transformation of states, and the policy discussions within development agencies have often existed side by side, leaving many opportunities for cross-fertilization untapped. This ODI Meeting Series seeks to bring academic researchers and policy actors together to take stock of research conducted and lessons learned around states and governance in recent years. Drawing on theoretically and empirically grounded research it hopes to inform the process of rethinking the 'developmental' state.