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Public sector innovation in the developing world

Time (GMT +00) 13:00 14:30


Christian Bason - Director of MindLab, Denmark; and author of Leading Public Sector Innovation: Co-creating for a Better Society
Paul Skidmore - Director of Strategy, Africa Governance Initiative

Edward Hedger - Research Fellow, ODI


Marcus Manuel - Head of Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure, ODI


This ODI event examines emerging lessons for public sector reform. It will draw on some of the latest thinking on innovation in public sector reforms in a number of OECD countries, as well as recent experiences in strengthening public sectors in a range of fragile and post-conflict countries.


Drawing from experiences in OECD countries, Christian Bason will present the key arguments from his latest book, ‘Leading Public Sector Innovation: Co-creating for a Better Society’, and will draw out those lessons which might be particularly applicable to post-conflict contexts.

Paul Skidmore will present some of the recent experiences of the Africa Governance Initiative, and draw on the recent publication, ‘Not Just Aid: How Making Government Work Can Transform Africa’. In particular Paul will talk to the points set out by Tony Blair on the role of leadership – and where donors have (and have not) got things right to date.

Ed Hedger, Research Fellow at ODI, will present some of the recent findings from an ODI/World Bank study looking at aspects of public reform in eight fragile and post-conflict countries.